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Data Warehouse Concepts
  • Introduction to Data warehouse
  • What is Data warehouse and why we need Data warehouse
  • OLTP vs ODS vs Data warehouse
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Star schema/Snowflake schema/Galaxy schema
  • Dimensions / Facts tables
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions and its types
  • Data Staging Area
  • Different types of Dimensions and Facts
  • Data Mart vs Data warehouse
  • DWH Approaches: Ralph Kimball’s vs Bill Inmon’s
Informatica Power Center
  • Software Installation
  • Informatica 9 Server/Client Installation on Windows
Power Center Architecture and Components
  • Introduction to informatica Power Center
  • Difference Between Power Center and Power Mart
  • PowerCenter 9 architecture
  • PowerCenter 7 architecture vs PowerCenter 8 and 9 architecture
  • Extraction, Transformation and loading process.
  • Repository Server
  • Repository maintenance
  • Repository Server Administration Console
  • Security, Repository, privileges and folder permissions
  • Metadata extensions

Power Center Developer Topics
  • Create a Folder
  • How to provide Previllages
  • Source Object Definitions
Source types
  • Relational Tables (Oracle, Teradata)
  • Flat Files (fixe width, Delimiter Files)
  • Xml Files
Source properties
Analyze Source Data, Import Source
Target Object Definitions
  • Target types
  • Target properties
Import Targets
  • Transformation Concepts
  • Transformation types and views
  • Transformation features and ports
  • Informatica functions and data types
  • Mapping components
  • Source Qualifier transformation
  • Pre SQL and Post SQL
  • Mapping validation
  • Data flow rules
Create a Mapping, session, and workflow
  • Workflows
  • Workflow Tools
  • Workflow Structure and configuration
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Workflow Design and properties
Session Tasks
  • Session Task properties
  • Session components
  • Transformation overrides
  • Session partitions
Workflow Monitoring
  • Workflow Monitor views
  • Monitoring a Server
  • Actions initiated from the workflow Monitor
  • Gantt chart View and Task view.
Start and Monitor a Workflow
  • Debugger
  • Debugger features
  • Debugger windows
  • Tips for using the Debugger
The Debugger
  • Expression transformation
  • Expression, variable ports, storing previous record values.
  • Different type of Ports
  • Input/ output / Variable ports and Port Evaluation
  • Filter transformation
  • Filter properties
Expression and Filter
  • Aggregator transformation
  • Aggregation function and expressions
  • Aggregator properties
  • Using sorted data
  • Incremental Aggregation
Joiner transformation
  • Joiner types
  • Joiner conditions and properties
  • Joiner usage and Nested joins
Aggregator, Heterogeneous join
Working with Flat files
Importing and editing flat file sources & Targets
Lab Session – Use Flat file as source. Sorter transformation
Sorter properties
  • Sorter limitations
  • Propagate Attributes.
  • Shared Folder and Working with shortcuts.
  • Informatica built in functions.
Lookup transformation
  • Lookup principles
  • Lookup properties
  • Lookup techniques
  • Connected and unconnected lookups, Lookup Caches
Basic and Advance Lookup Target options
  • Row type indicators
  • Row loading operations
  • Constraint- based loading
  • Rejected row handling options
Deleting Rows
  • Update Strategy transformation
  • Update strategy expressions
  • Data Driven Inserts and Rejects
  • Router transformation
  • Using a router
  • Router groups
Router Conditional Lookups
  • Usage and techniques
  • Advantage
  • Functionality
Straight Load
Conditional Lookups
  • Heterogeneous Targets
  • Heterogeneous target types
  • Target type conversions and limitations
Heterogeneous Targets Mapplets
  • Functionality and Advantages
  • Mapplet types and structure
  • Mapplet limitations
  • Reusable transformations
  • Advantages
  • Limitations
  • Promoting and copying transformations
Reusable transformations /Sequence Generator transformation
  • Using a sequence Generator
  • Sequence Generator properties
  • Dynamic Lookup
  • Dynamic lookup theory
  • Usage and functionality
  • Advantages
Dynamic Lookup Concurrent and sequential Workflows
  • Concurrent Workflows
  • Sequential Workflows
  • Stopping, Starting and suspending tasks and workflows
Sequential Workflow Additional Transformations
  • Union Transformation
  • Rank transformation
  • Normalizer transformation
  • Custom Transformation
  • Transformation Control transformation
  • XML Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
  • Stored Procedure Transformation
  • External procedure Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
Lab Sessions- For above transformations Error Handling
  • Overview of Error Handling Topics
  • Review various BI Reporting methods
  • Informatica - Best practices
  • Mapping Design through Visio tool
  • Data Loading techniques for huge volume of data
  • XML Data Loading – Best Practices
  • Incremental Loading and Rollback procedures
  • Slowly changing dimension – Overview
  • Caching VS Direct load
  • Transaction Handling
  • Performance Tuning
  • Traceability and Event Logging
Error handling fatal and non Fatal Workflow Tasks
  • Command
  • Email
  • Decision




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