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Inventory Module
  • Introduction of Inventory
  • Definition of Location
  • Definition of Calendar
  • Definition of Organization
  • Master Item Definition
  • Assign Item to Organization
  • Item templates
  • Item Attributes
  • Definition of Sub Inventories and Locators
  • On-hand Quantities
  • Miscellaneous Receipts and Issues
  • Sub Inventory transactions.
  • Move Order Transactions
  • Inter Org Transactions
  • Mini-Max Planning
  • Replenishment Planning
  • Re Order Point Planning
  • Kanban Planning
  • ABC analysis
  • Physical Counting
  • Cycle Counting
  • All other Relevant inventory setups
  • Generate relevant inventory reports

Purchase Modules

  • Introduction of Purchasing
  • Define all the relevant Setups for Purchasing
  • Define Suppliers and Approved Suppliers
  • Define Requisitions
  • Define RFQ and Quotations
  • Purchase Order flow
  • Manual generated PO’s and through Auto Create.
  • Types of Purchase Orders
  • Define Standard Purchase Order
  • Define Planned Purchase Order
  • Define Blanket Purchase Order
  • Define Contract Purchase Order
  • Receiving Transactions Against PO’s
  • Return transactions Against PO’s
  • Generate all PO relevant reports

Order Management Module

  • Introduction of Order Management
  • Understanding OM Cycles
  • All relevant setups for Order Management
  • Type of Sales Orders
  • ISO Cycle
  • Drop Shipment
  • RMA Cycle.
  • Define customers
  • Define shipping methods
  • Define price list
  • Copy price list
  • Adjust price list
  • Add item to price list
  • Generate all OM relevant reports

Bill of Materials Module

  • Introduction of Bill of Materials
  • Define Bill of Material Parameters
  • Define bills and bill levels
  • Comparing bills and Indented bills
  • Create common bills
  • Attach the documents of bills
  • Define resources
  • Define departments and standard operations codes
  • Define routings
  • All relevant setups for bill of materials
  • BOM Types.
  • Generate relevant BOM reports

Work in Process Module

  •  Introduction of work in process
  • Introduction of type of Mfg. process
  • Define WIP parameters
  • Define WIP accounting class
  • Relevant WIP setups
  • Complete cyclic flow for Discrete Mfg. and transactions
  • Complete cyclic flow for Repetitive Mfg. and transactions
  • Query Job/Schedule details




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...10 out of 10 stars.....Dipu Padey
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