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SFDC Basic and Development
Understanding the terms in SFDC
Introduction to SFDC Editions
Designing Applications on
  • Learn about factors to consider when building a data model
  • Develop custom objects and fields, encrypted fields, field help,
  • and field history tracking
  • Use master detail, lookup, and many-to-many relationships
  • Create a user interface for custom applications using the
  • Custom Object tab, page layout and
  • Customization options
  • Set filed attributes on the page layout
  • Use the Custom Object Queue and event based workflow rules
  • with field update actions
  • Develop custom formulas and validation rules
Designing Applications for Multiple Users
  • Learn about factors to consider when designing applications for multiple users
  • Create profiles, understand what a profile controls(including data access), and customize
  • Profiles to manage the user experience
  • Customize the user experience with record types and pages layout
  • Control access to records
  • Employ OWD, sharing rules and levels, roles, public groups, and manual share.
  • Apply profiles, OWDs, role hierarchy, and sharing to restrict access to sensitive data.
  • Apply OWDs, public groups, and manual sharing to create conditional access to data
  • Analyze suitability of FLS, page layouts, and record types to satisfy business                                 requirements.
Implementing Business Process
  • Use Validation rules to enforce conditional behavior
  • Use functions to enforce data format and data consistency
  • Implement multistep approval workflows and escalations to automate business Processes
  • Create parallel approval workflows and workflow approvals with dynamic approval routing
Visual force pages
  • Learn about the capabilities of the Visual force framework
  • Incorporate Visual force pages into Sales force Construct expression bindings and incorporate
  • Sales force into Visual force pages with Visual force tags
  • Use Visual force tags to create pages layouts, input forms output tables custom components
  • Create partial page refreshes on Java Script events.
  • Learn about the functionality that comes with Visual force standard controllers
  • Find out when Apex is required for creating custom controller or extension
  • Creating Apex Classes and triggers
  • Customization using Apex Programming
  • Creating Packages




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