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SAP BW 7.4 on HANA
1.       BI Overview and BI Architecture:
2.       Data Modelling:
·         Data Warehouse Workbench
·         Types of Data
·         Infoobjects and Types
·         Attributes Types
·         Star Schema
·         Extended star schema
·         Infocube and Types
·         DSO and Types
·         Multiproviders
·         Infosets
·         Advanced InfoProviders
a)      Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO)
b)      Hybrid InfoProviders
c)       TransientProviders
·         Transformations, Infopackage and DTP’s.
·         Business Content Installation
·         Open Hub Service
·         Remodeling
·         Repartioning
·         Graphical Data Modeling
a)      Graphical Data Flow Modeling Basics
b)      Data Flow Copying
c)       Data Flow Generation
d)      Data Flow Migration
·         The New BW 7.4 Hierarchy ETL
·         SAP BW Data Loading & Scheduling:
a)      Introduction to Process Chains
b)      Process Chains – Creation, Monitoring (All Concepts)
c)       Return Codes & Errors in Process Chain
·         SAP BW Transports:
a)      System Landscape & Transportation Landscape
b)      Objects Collection in Transports
c)       Sequence of Transports Migration
d)      Transports Collection & Settings & Issues.
·         SAP BW Performance Tuning Techniques:
a)      Aggregates, Compressions, Rollup, Indexes, Statistics
b)      PSA Table Deletions
·         Introduction to HANA:
a)      Evolution of HANA Landscape
b)      SAP HANA Basics
c)       SAP HANA Architecture
·         HANA-optimized DataStore Object and InfoCube:
a)      HANA-Optimized DataStore Object
b)      HANA-Optimized InfoCube
c)       Semantically Partitioned Object
·         Consuming HANA Models in BW:
a)      Virtual Provider
b)      Transient Provider
c)       Composite Provider
d)      DB Connect
e)      Importing SAP BW models in SAP HANA
f)       Importing HANA optimize infocubes
g)      Importing HANA optimize DSO
3.       SAP BW Data Extraction:
·         Types of Extractors
·         Flatfile Extraction
·         LO-Cockpit Extraction
a)      Filling and deleting setup tables
b)      Initializing Data Source
c)       Update Types
d)      Enhancement of Data source
·         FI Extraction
·         Generic Extraction
a)      Creation
b)      Generic Delta
c)       Extract Structure setting
4.       SAP BW Data Reporting:
·         Bex Query Designer
·         Bex Analyzer Query – Settings, Creation
·         Bex Analyzer Workbook – Settings, Creation
·         RKF, CKF, Filters, Rows & Columns, Free & Filter Characteristics
·         Variables, Conditions & Exceptions
5.       SAP Knowledge Sharing Sessions:
·         SAP OSS Notes, Marketplace, Developer Forum, Issues Forum, Certifications, TechEd
6.       Additional Features of this Course:
·         SAP HANA Introduction
·         ABAP for BW
·         Real Time Scenarios for Hands on Experience
·         Discussion on Errors in Support Project and Implementation Projects
·         Discussing the challenges in SAP BI projects.
·         Sample Interview questions
·         Resume Preparation and Interview Guidance



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