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Enterprise structure
  • Definition and assignment of organisational elements
  • Account groups
  • Number ranges
  • Partner detmination functions
  • Cmr(customer master record)
  • Mmr(material master record)
  • Customer material info record
  • Condition record
  • Sales documents
  • Item category, item category determination
  • Schedule line category,schedule line category determination
  • Inquiry, quotation, sales order
  • Delivery, pgi, invoice creation
  • Delivery documents
  • Overview of outbound deliveries
  • Route determination
  • Shipping point determination
  • Picking, packaging
  • Billing documents
  • Invoice cancellation
  • Pricing
  • Condition technique in pricing
  • Pricing procedures configuration
  • Condition type, access sequence,
  • Condition table, condition record
  • Pricing scales
  • Condition exclusion procedure
  • Special sales orders-rush order, cash sales order
  • Scheduling aggrements & contracts
  • Freegoods determination
  • Material determination
  • Revenue account determination
  • Text determination
  • Output determination
  • Credit management
  • Simple, automatic credit management
  • Bom( bill of materials)
  • Third party business process
  • Lis(logistics information functions)
  • Tables in sap sd
  • System landscape



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